The ‘Doomsday Glacier’s’ Disastrous Potential (Featuring Dr. Richard Alley)

The Climate Pod– Jan 6, 2022

#ThwaitesGlacier #DoomsdayGlacier #ClimateChange #SealevelRise
This week, we spoke with Dr. Richard Alley, a glaciologist and member of the International Thwaites Glacier Collaborative, about why this particular glacier – dubbed the ‘Doomsday Glacier by Jeff Goodell – could raise sea levels beyond catastrophic levels and cause so much damage to coastal communities around the world. We also discuss how soon and how likely that might actually happen, and the latest findings that his group recently published. Dr. Richard Alley is the Evan Pugh University Professor of Geosciences at Penn State, where he focuses on glaciology, ice sheet stability, and understanding how Earth’s climate has changed by examining ice cores.

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