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AGRA Strategy Launch

Sep 8, 2022

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‘I Would Be In Handcuffs’ If I Had Taken Documents Out Of Office, Says Fmr. Defense Sec.

Sep 7, 2022

Former Defense Secretary William Cohen joins Morning Joe to discuss new reporting on the documents seized from Mar-a-Lago.

“Attack Philanthropy”: Right-Wing Billionaire Fueled Climate Denial & Conservative Judges, S chools

Sep 8,2022

New revelations about the secretive right-wing billionaire Barre Seid, who donated $1.6 billion to a conservative nonprofit run by Leonard Leo, known as Donald Trump’s “Supreme Court whisperer,” show he has also used his massive fortune to undermine climate science, fight Medicaid expansion and remake the higher education system in a conservative mold. We speak with The Lever’s Andrew Perez, who reported on what Seid calls “attack philanthropy,” after obtaining emails through an open records request.

Not Even Bill Barr Agrees With Trump-Appointed Judge | The Katie Phang Show

Sep 8, 2022

Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon has ruled in favor of Donald Trump and granted his Special Master request. Former US Attorney Joyce Vance joins Katie Phang to discuss the controversial ruling.

DOJ Hits Back In Trump Criminal Probe, Appealing Review For Secrets Trump Stole

Sep 8, 2022

The Department of Justice is appealing the judge’s ruling for a “special master” to review the documents seized from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. This new legal move coming after losing a procedural step in court. The appeal talks about “possessory interest”, which MSNBC’s Ari Melber and former FBI agent and lawyer, Asha Rangappa, explained refers to the idea that Trump stole the documents and therefore has no possession or related interest in them, legally.

Famine by October? Somalia & East Africa Face Humanitarian Crisis Amid Climate Change, Ukraine War

Democracy Now! – Sep 8, 2022

We look at the devastating effects of climate change and global inequity in East Africa, and how many countries face drought and a looming famine, with guests in Mogadishu, Somalia, and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. “The current unprecedented drought, that is a result of four consecutive failed rainy seasons, with the fifth and the sixth projected to also be below average, is causing a huge food insecurity,” says Adam Abdelmoula, the U.N.’s humanitarian coordinator for Somalia. “I think the agenda for Africa now is food sovereignty,” adds Million Belay, coordinator at the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa.

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Legacies of British Slavery

The Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slavery (LBS) has been established at UCL with the generous support of the Hutchins Center at Harvard. The Centre builds on two earlier projects based at UCL tracing the impact of slave-ownership on the formation of modern Britain: the ESRC-funded Legacies of British Slave-ownership project (2009-2012), and the ESRC and AHRC-funded Structure and significance of British Caribbean slave-ownership 1763-1833 (2013-2015).

Colonial slavery shaped modern Britain and we all still live with its legacies. The slave-owners were one very important means by which the fruits of slavery were transmitted to metropolitan Britain. We believe that research and analysis of this group are key to understanding the extent and the limits of slavery’s role in shaping British history and leaving lasting legacies that reach into the present. We are now moving in the direction of more focused research on the lives of enslaved people in the Caribbean. This is a natural development from our work on slave-owners and estates and an exciting demonstration of our commitment to the study of the multiple legacies of slavery in the British imperial world. With growth comes necessary change. One we are most pleased to make is to our name, which we changed in May 2021 to the Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slavery. We also have a new logo. This name change incorporates the work we have done and charts a way forward for our new phase of research and activities on slavery and its legacies in Britain and the Caribbean.

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