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“Climate Apartheid”: Pakistan, Contributing Less Than 1% of Global Emissions, Ravaged by Floods

Aug 29, 2022

Pakistan has declared a national emergency as massive floods continue to devastate the country, displacing 33 million people and bringing the death toll to over 1,000 since June. We speak with Shah Meer Baloch, Islamabad-based reporter for The Guardian, who describes how the floods have swept away homes, roads and bridges in what Baloch and Pakistan’s top climate official have called a serious “climate catastrophe.” We also speak with Asad Rehman, executive director of War on Want, who says Pakistan and other poor countries are “stuck in a toxic interplay between a climate catastrophe that they are not responsible for, increasing hunger, structural inequality and a rigged economic system.” He calls on rich countries to reach zero net emissions by 2030 instead of pursuing geoengineering schemes like carbon capture and storage — a tactic that is funded in President Biden’s new Inflation Reduction Act.

Appalachia Isn’t Theirs To Take

Aug 30, 2022

The climate bill is being celebrated, but did you know a giant dirty pipeline was part of the deal? It’s called the Mountain Valley Pipeline and it’s cutting its way through Appalachia. Residents don’t want it. Senator Joe Manchin does. Join the rally to stop MPV. Go to: tinyurl.com/nodirtydeal

Climate Change Will Bring Pakistan’s Deadly Floods To Your House

Aug 30, 2022

A third of Pakistan is underwater from floods but the water wont stop in Pakistan, Jackson, Mississippi is part of this story, too.

Climate Change is going to bring the floods to your door, along with droughts, famine, heatwaves…

All of this extreme weather is because of Climate change, because the news is refusing to mention it. Pakistan’s deadly floods are just the start of the ecological disasters that Climate Change is preparing.

School systems struggle to fill teaching jobs as students return to class

Aug 30, 2022

As students return to class, schools across the country continue to grapple with teacher and staff vacancies. The scope of the shortages, and what’s behind them, varies widely across America’s nearly 14,000 school districts. Carlton Jenkins, the superintendent of Madison Metropolitan School District, joined Amna Nawaz to discuss the struggle he’s facing to find and keep educators.

Do You Practice the Religion Of White Supremacy? Featuring Ben Dixon

Aug 30, 2022

You’ve already passed the houses of worship of a scary new religious extremism

A blasphemous merger of far right wing Nationalism and the aesthetics of Christianity have created a new religion, one tailor made for white supremacy.

A religion that protects every part of the power Christian White Male Power Structure.

Meet Christian Nationalism.

Ben Dixon joined Thom to share his views on Christian Nationalism.

Bio: Ben Dixon – Host of The Benjamin Dixon Show

A look at the legacy of Mikhail Gorbachev, final leader of the Soviet Union

Aug 30, 2022

The last leader of the Soviet Union has died at the age of 91. Mikhail Gorbachev passed away in Moscow on Tuesday after a long illness. He took power in 1985 and introduced sweeping reforms, but he could not prevent the collapse of the Soviet state at the end of 1991. Andrew Weiss of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace joins Amna Nawaz to discuss Gorbachev’s legacy.

Water crisis in Mississippi as pumps shut down l GMA

Aug 30, 2022

A state of emergency was declared after torrential rain and flooding left Mississippi’s largest city without running water, affecting over 100,000 people.

Atlantic City fortifies to fight a rising sea

Aug 30, 2022 am

The iconic getaway town of Atlantic City is known to some for its casinos, others for its amusement park, and about 38,500 people call it home. But sea levels are rising and flooding is increasing. (Aug. 30) (AP Video:Ted Shaffrey)

Guterres: Pakistani people facing a ‘monsoon on steroids’

Aug 30, 2022

The Pakistani people are facing a ‘monsoon on steroids’ said UN secretary general António Guterres, as the country struggles with floods that have killed 1,136, including at least 75 in the last 24 hours. ‘Millions are homeless. Schools and health facilities have been destroyed. Livelihoods are shattered, critical infrastructure wiped out, and people’s hopes and dreams have been washed away,’ said Guterres in a video message. He added: ‘It is outrageous that climate action is being put on the back burner as global emissions of greenhouse gases are still rising, putting all of us everywhere in growing danger.’ The UN has issued an urgent new appeal for $160m (£136m) to support the Pakistani government’s efforts to help affected people, as Islamabad warns of further floods.

Jeffrey Sachs: U.S. Policy & “West’s False Narrative” Stoking Tensions with Russia, China

Aug 30, 2022

We discuss Western hegemony and U.S. policy in Russia, Ukraine and China with Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs, whose new article is headlined “The West’s False Narrative About Russia and China.” Sachs says the bipartisan U.S. approach to foreign policy is “unaccountably dangerous and wrongheaded,” and warns the U.S. is creating “a recipe for yet another war” in East Asia.