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Tariq Ali: Terrorism Charges Against Pakistan’s Former PM Imran Khan Are “Truly Grotesque”

Aug 23, 2022

We speak to the Pakistani British historian and writer Tariq Ali about new anti-terrorism charges brought against former Prime Minister Imran Khan after he spoke out against the country’s police and a judge who presided over the arrest of one of his aides. His rivals have pressed for severe charges against Khan to keep him out of the next elections as his popularity grows across the country, says Ali. Ali also discusses devastating floods in Pakistan, which have killed nearly 800 people over the past two months, and have never happened “on this scale.”

Western leaders call for more security at Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant | World News | WION

Aug 21, 2022

Amidst the growing concerns over shelling around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, leaders of Britain, France, Germany and United States held a telephonic conversation where they stressed the need to ensure the safety of nuclear installations threatened by the conflict in Ukraine.

Jan. 6 Committee Meets With Former Trump National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien

Aug 23, 2022

The January 6 committee has met with Robert O’Brien, former national security adviser to former President Trump. NBC’s Ali Vitali has details.

Nuclear power: the clean, green energy dream?

Aug 11, 2022

One of the keys to a smooth transition to a green economy is nuclear power. It’s a proven alternative to fossil fuels—but the most important barriers to its adoption may not be what you think.

00:00 – The role of nuclear power 00:48 – The advantages of nuclear energy 01:41 – The problem with nuclear power 02:51 – Nuclear waste 03:58 – Storage options for nuclear waste

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Inflatable Martian home designed to sustain human life on the red planet

South China Morning Post – Aug 22, 2022

A peculiar gold-coated inflatable house could be what a house on Mars would look like. Artists Ella Good and Nicki Kent collaborated with space scientists, architects, engineers, designers and even children to build a prototype of a Martian house in the southwestern English city of Bristol. The prototype is open to the public to visit until the end of October 2022. The 53-square-metre (570 sq ft) house is 2-storeys and solar-powered with an environmental control room, and bedrooms and bathrooms built underground. The above-ground level is a hydroponic living room with a gold exterior designed to reflect solar rays and cosmic radiation. The public art project also aims to reassess how we could live more sustainably on Earth.

China turns to artificial rainfall to combat drought amid record heatwave

South China Morning Post – Aug 23, 2022

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: https://sc.mp/subscribe-youtube China has launched a three-month campaign to produce artificial rainfall in drought-affected areas, amid the country’s longest-ever heatwave. China earlier issued the first national drought alert of the year and encouraged workers and buildings to ration energy supplies, including the use of lifts and air conditioning.

China faces severe drought amid a record-breaking heatwave – BBC News

BBC News – Aug 23, 2022

Large parts of the world’s second largest economy face a severe drought amid a record-breaking heatwave. Major manufacturers in the Sichuan province told the BBC they had been hit by power cuts. Meanwhile, an iconic skyline in the Chinese city of Shanghai – called The Bund – is not being lit for two nights to save power, officials say. China issued its first national drought alert of the year last week, after areas including Shanghai in the Yangtze Delta region and Sichuan in southwest China experienced weeks of extreme heat.

China’s Heatwave Worst-Ever On Record Globally | The News

NDTV Aug 22, 2022

China is experiencing its longest and toughest heatwave of the last six decades, amid the global climate crisis, making the country issue a nationwide drought warning after almost nine years. The extreme weather conditions pose significant economic and political challenges for the Chinese government.

China Declares Drought Emergency; Over 1 Million People Likely To Face Water Shortage | China News

India Today – Aug 23, 2022

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China has declared a drought emergency as the temperature has soared to 41 degrees Celsius. The country is facing the driest summer in six decades. People have been asked to not use air-conditioners. Factories are shut. There is a shortage of drinking water at a massive level. Authorities have said 1 million people will face water shortage soon.

China’s rivers & reservoirs depleted due to extreme heat | World News | WION

WION – Aug 17, 2022

China is grappling with extreme weather. Northern China is being battered by floods while Southern China is facing a heat wave. The heat is causing China to reel under the effects of a drought.