Europe Ablaze

Jul 22, 2022

Both the Jet Stream and the Gulf Stream are slowing down, bringing Saharan air into Europe. Unprecedented heat waves engulf the UK, Europe and the US. #PeterWadhams, renowned polar scientist, tells us that both poles are warming at the same time, and that the #BlueOceanEvent, an ice-free Arctic, may occur as early as this summer.

Meanwhile, internet bots are ramping up their efforts to deny the reality of #ClimateChange, while much of the media trivialize deadly heat waves with beach images.

Heat and lack of water are hitting the precise latitudes where we grow crops. That, combined with the war in Ukraine, and the overuse of water and land for animal agriculture mean #FoodShortages are a real and present danger. In view of all this happening in the global north, will COP27 finally take action?

Dr. Wadhams is joined by other members of the Facing Future team, Climate scientist, Bruce Phillips, and hosts, Raya Salter and Dale Walkonen.

For more information on the state of our planet visit the FacingFuture Library at

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