Climate Change – When Will Everything Collapse?

Nov 8, 2017

This video is about some things you might not know about the climate crisis and hurricanes 💨…

There’s also an analogy, using a piece of paper 📃, about how difficult it will be to turn things around when the crisis reaches a tipping point…

2020 Update:

1) I now strongly believe that the most important thing you can do about the climate and ecological 🦚 crisis is join peaceful protests and actions, to push for systemic change.

2) When I talk about a “collapse point”, I’m talking about the combination of multiple tipping points (like ice ❄️ melting, methane being released, forests dying off), and it becoming beyond our control to turn things around and prevent runaway warming.

3) Finally, whilst other meats might have a lower overall carbon footprint than beef 🐂 and lamb, meats like chicken and pork have a lot of other problems too… for example, they’re often mass-produced on food that’s grown in tropical regions, driving rainforest destruction. Check out for more info!

Simple things you can do:

– Avoid beef 🐄 at all costs; it’s the easiest and most effective thing the average person can do to reduce your personal carbon footprint. I know that beef can be delicious… sorry!

– Stop using plastic wherever possible. Plastic 🎲 is destroying the ocean, and the ocean is where the algae live that absorb almost all of the CO2 we produce, alongside the natural systems that maintain it. Check out my video about plastic in the ocean to find out more:…

– Vote for green 💚 parties in elections. Don’t be fooled by big parties telling you that voting for green parties is a wasted a vote; that’s a lie designed to generate more votes for the big parties. It doesn’t matter that your might not actually get someone into power. What matters is that, as green parties pick up more votes, big parties copy their policies to try to win those voters back. Voting for green parties is one of the best ways to get big parties to take on green policies.

– In supermarkets, try to avoid food that’s been flown 🛬 in from other continents, and ideally politely explain to the shop managers why you’re avoiding it. Make sure you’re really friendly, because then they’ll listen. It’s almost definitely not their fault that the shop is stocking it.

– Get upset when forests are being cut down, and fight against deforestation in any way that you can, big or small. Strap yourself to a tree 🌳 and/or search the web with instead of Google.

– Try to pay the couple of extra $ a month to get “green electricity” ⚡️. This act genuinely transforms the energy companies for the better.

– It’s an obvious one, but make sure to cycle 🚴‍♂️ or walk instead of driving whenever you can.

– If you can afford it, get an electric car 🚗. The more people who buy them, the more governments will improve electric infrastructure, and the faster we’ll transition away from our ridiculous dependence on petroleum.

– It seems like it shouldn’t matter that much, but inflating your car tyres 🚜 properly makes a huge difference.

– Check food for palm oil. Palm oil isn’t bad in itself, but the palm oil industry is destroying vast swathes of rainforest to make way for palm plantations. Don’t buy products containing palm oil 🌴 unless you’re absolutely sure that they’re from a sustainable source. You’ll be amazed at how many things contain palm oil. There are several delicious chocolates I’ve had to stop eating…

– Take trains. Trains 🚂 are really cool anyway, so everybody wins.

– In your home ⛺️, get better insulation. You’ll save lots of money, and the planet too.

– Recycle well. A ridiculous proportion of would-be recycling ends up in normal landfill because people haven’t cleaned 🥫 or sorted their recycling properly.

– Plant trees 🌱 – as many as you can. Houseplants are great if you don’t have any outside space: peace lilies are especially easy to keep alive, they capture loads of CO2, and they clean the air really well too.

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