Legends on Martin Waldseemüller’s Carta Marina of 1516

Library of Congress – Aug 13, 2012

Martin Waldseemüller’s Carta marina of 1516 has always remained in the shadow of his 1507 map–less famous and less studied. In fact the Carta marina is in several ways more interesting than the 1507 map: it is the result of Waldseemüller’s radical re-evaluation of what a world map should be. Waldseemüller essentially started from scratch in creating the Carta marina, rejecting the Ptolemaic model and other sources he had used in creating the 1507 map, and adding more descriptive text and a rich program of illustration. In this talk Van Duzer examines the differences between the two maps and discuss the new sources that Waldseemüller used, placing particular emphasis on his iconographical sources.

For captions, transcript, and more information visit http://www.loc.gov/today/cyberlc/feat….

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