Policy Seminar | Addressing the global food security crisis

Jul 25, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has further increased food and input prices at the global level, with the strongest impacts felt by the poorest in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. The World Food Program projects that the conflict could put an additional 47 million people at risk of acute hunger worldwide. The impacts of this crisis are unfolding as countries cope with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, more frequent and damaging extreme weather events caused by climate change, and other conflicts.

Germany holds the G7 presidency in 2022 and is thus in a leadership role to address these interrelated challenges and crises. Together with World Bank President David Malpass, Svenja Schulze, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany (BMZ), recently established the Global Alliance for Food Security (GAFS) to catalyze an agile, immediate, and coordinated response to the unfolding global food security crisis.

As the world’s largest international agrifood research consortium, CGIAR plays a pivotal role in providing research to help shape context-specific policies and solutions. More than ever, close collaboration between CGIAR, national governments, and international organizations is needed to meet the strong demand for innovations and ensure their delivery, scaling, and impact.

This policy seminar will analyze the impacts of the war in Ukraine on food security in low- and-middle-income countries, highlight GAFS, and showcase how CGIAR’s immediate and longer-term responses can support policy initiatives.Food-matters,

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