HEAT WAVES, A Deadly Threat

Facing Future– May 26, 2022

#HeatWaves are a clear and present danger. Temperatures over 100 F can last for days, as they have this year in #India and Pakistan, where the hot weather came early. People who must work outdoors, without access to AC, are dying. The heat island effect in cities is worsened by air conditioners, available to only 10% of the population. Even these are unreliable as transformers can explode in extreme heat. This heat can strike anywhere in the world, as it did in Europe in 2003, when 72,000 people died, and in Russia in 2010 when 56,000 perished. #PaulBeckwith explains the causes of heat domes, and the danger of wet bulb events, when humidity combines with heat. As the chances of extreme heat increase, Paul and Dale suggest some measures we can take to increase survivability – white roofs, more trees, refuge centers, keeping water at hand. #ClimateChange is not coming. It is upon us. Business as usual is taking us to an unlivable planet.

The window of opportunity to preserve life is closing fast. For more about the heat wave in India and Pakistan, read Robert Hunziker’s article https://www.counterpunch.org/2022/05/…

For more information on the state of our planet visit the FacingFuture Library at https://facingfuture.earth/library.

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