Land For Good – Gaining Ground for Farmers

What we do


We raise awareness and teach by developing and distributing educational and planning tools for farm transfers. We give workshops for farmers and families preparing to transfer their farms.


We advise and “coach” clients through the farm transfer planning process by providing technical support and facilitation, and by building teams of supportive advisors.


We innovate by raising awareness about farm succession. We explore new models and methods for farm transitions, and promote supportive policies. We promote team approaches and strengthen services for assisting transitioning farm families.

Who benefits


  • Gain access to farmland that is appropriate, affordable and secure
  • Are informed, prepared and empowered to make sound land acquisition choices
  • Obtain resources and support to find and assess farm properties
  • Make good lease and other tenure agreements

Service providers

  • Can respond better to the needs of farm seekers
  • Have new tools and methods to promote farming opportunity


  • Actively support farmers to access land
  • Create more secure farming opportunities
  • Have a greater awareness of land access issues
  • Foster food security, land stewardship and their local economy

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