Skyrocketing Fuel Prices Affect Farmers In The Midwest As Planting Season Approaches – YouTube

Mar 12, 2022

aTrippyFarmer and the crew are back to bring you more farming adventures. In this episode, Andy gets to enjoy the daily increase in fuel prices in his local area. Andy and Chris work on a project that has needed fixing for ages… A group of Pigeons has taken up residence inside of their biggest grain bin, and Andy has had enough of their antics. After scaling into the bin with all of his supplies, Andy goes to work on repairing the infrastructure that has allowed the birds to freely enter the grain bin. They certainly enjoy having free-reign on 40,000 bushels of corn. Andy tightens down the hatches within the bin, so this issue should be alleviated. Andy also explains his finger injury into detail. After that, Andy and Chris move onto another project that has been put off for too long. Andy, the soybean planter guy, accidentally broke off a tile-inlet cover last Spring, but the crew had not gotten around to fixing it. They make quick work of that issue. To end the video, Andy talks about the skyrocketing fuel prices and its effect on a farm’s budget and decision-making. These added costs don’t spell disaster for farmers, but that isn’t to say that they won’t influence the farming practices that people choose to use. The real issue is in the fertilizer market, but only time will tell on that subject. Thanks for watching!

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