Footage shows Republican congressman giving Capitol Hill tour to Jan 6 attacker

Jun 15, 2022

Video has emerged showing Republican congressman Barry Loudermilk giving a tour of Capitol Hill to a January 6 attacker a day before the attack. The video emerged during one of the hearings that have been on-going now for a week probing what another congressman described as an ‘attempted coup’. Loudermilk previously denied he led the unofficial tour, then said he only led a few families with children before admitting he took over a dozen people through the government’s buildings. The video shows him leading a small group past security checkpoints, as a member of the group he led took photos behind him then joined Trump supporters the next day in the assault on the Hill Man who attacked Capitol was given tour of building by Republican day before riot Trump thought he would get away with it. The US Capitol attack hearings prove that’s not true

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