Couch To Carbon Zero, Overcoming EcoAnxiety

Facing Future– Jun 9, 2022

Empowering people to take action against #ClimateChange, Sonia Lakshman and Aimee Higgins tackle thorny issues from overfishing to #EWaste.

Their ingenious 5 minute videos lay out steps everyone can take. Couch to Carbon Zero, based in the UK, pulls no punches, calling out #Greenwashing and fake labeling, finding the companies that do a better job of recycling, banking, growing food, etc. What to do with the 50 million tons of used gadgets? Why is fish farming not a solution? How is fashion environmentally unfashionable?

Why transition to a #PlantBasedDiet?

Find out in the Ten Day Sprint for Busy People at

For more information on the state of our planet visit the FacingFuture Library at

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