Future of Africa-based Curatorial Practice Workshop | Harvard University Center for African Studies


During this workshop, we will explore the state of curatorial practice in Africa and identify trends and areas for growth. The objective is to examine key themes in curatorial practice from an African perspective, survey the landscape of curatorial enterprise review models that have emerged over the past two decades, and to inquire how institutions like Harvard – with world-class museums and galleries and a leading Center for African Studies – can be partners in the research and study of African artistic and curatorial thought and practice.

We hope you will join us in this timely discussion on how to invest in African art curators intellectually by incorporating them into the academic environment of the university and its teaching and research mission, and technically by working through museums and galleries at Harvard to expand their curatorial capacity and professional networks.

COLLABORATORS: Harvard Center for African Studies, Harvard Art Museums, the Ethelbert Cooper Gallery of African & African American Art, and the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology and will be held at the Harvard Art Museums.

The workshop will be guided by two keynote speakers:






See related:




as well as:


Summary video about “Footprints…”


and summary description of exhibit –  Harvard Design Studio exhibit on West African historical material.


Maps, Stones & Plants: Agents of Empire and the Ecology of the Atlantic Trade

Written in Stone: The Silent and Eerie Eloquence of Stone Structures in the Atlantic Trade

as well as:

African Historical Maps and African Art
(at the Pallazo Pitti, Uffizi Gallery,
Florence, Italy)

La storia del Regno del Congo a Palazzo Pitti attraverso le installazioni di Sammy Baloji | Le Gallerie degli Uffizi


* * *

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