More heatwaves, rising seas, and intensifying storms will pummel the Boston area, new report finds – The Boston Globe

Cohasset High School football player Jackie Lyons examines a press box, destroyed by a storm, at the public schools Cohassett Alumni Field in Cohasset, MA on October 27, 2021.Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

INTO THE RED: Climate and the fight of our lives

By the end of the century, average temperatures in the Boston area could increase as much as 10 degrees above 2000 levels, while seas could rise more than 10 feet, under the worst circumstances. Over the same period, intense precipitation could increase by 30 percent and flooding from swollen rivers could surge by 70 percent.

Those are some of the findings of a new report by scientists at the University of Massachusetts Boston about the impacts of climate change on 101 municipalities in the metropolitan area.

The report by the Greater Boston Research Advisory Group, which follows a similar study they published six years ago, also found that the average annual amount of groundwater in the region is likely to decline by 18 percent by 2100, potentially resulting in less available drinking water.

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Climate Change Impacts and Projections
for the Greater Boston Area

Ellen Douglas, PhD, Paul Kirshen, PhD

Radio Boston report:Paul-Kirshen-Ellen-Douglas

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