China starts harvest season with driverless harvesters

CGTN– May 28, 2022

In China’s Anhui Province, Huaiyuan River Bay area in Huaiyuan County, the harvesting of 120,000 hectares of wheat is underway. The six large combine harvesters can harvest 13 to 20 hectares per day. Considering that operators from other cities may reduce production due to the coronavirus, Huaiyuan County has also set up green channels to provide full support. In Bozhou City, also in Anhui Province, a driverless wheat harvesters’ competition was held. The machines can automatically harvest, turn and avoid obstacles, making the harvest smarter, more efficient and economical. #harvest #season #driverless #operation #china #country #anhui #wheat #green #bozhou #turn #county #anhui #huaiyuan #technology #intelligent #unmanned For more:


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