Water shortages in Pakistan could lead to famine says environmentalist

May 22, 2022


SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESS RESTRICTION SUMMARY: LENGTH: 6:26 ASSOCIATED PRESS Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan – 14 May 2022 1. Various of family in Kunri, Umarkot District, which has been hit hard by extreme heat and lack of water supply 2. Close of crockery 3. Farmer Mewaram speaking to his family 4. Various of Mewaram filling water container 5. SOUNDBITE (Sindhi) Mewaram, farmer: “You can see the condition of our house. The biggest problem here is water. Our birds and animals are suffering because there is absolutely no water. I appeal to the government to supply water to us.” 6. Close of goats who are weak because of lack of water and excessive heat 7. Various of camels drinking water from a pond which has shrunk due to lack of rainfall 8. Wide of road 9. Dry watercourse 10. Various of lemon plants which are withered because of lack of water and excessive heat 11. Intense sunlight falling on plants 12. Crop withered because of lack of water and excessive heat 13. SOUNDBITE (Urdu) Mian Muhammad Saleem, farmer in Kunri, Umarkot District: “Until three years ago, 80 percent of Pakistan’s chilli production used to be in Kunri. Now its share is even less than 20 percent. Even those people who have planted it are uncertain about whether it is going to grow or not.” 14. Close of hands 15. SOUNDBITE (Urdu) Mian Muhammad Saleem, farmer in Kunri, Umarkot District: “We get water after a gap of one month. But the farmers at the tail-end did not get enough water the last time because of the plants of phalsa (Grewia asiatica) and lemon have dried. The mango has shrunk in size. Our Sindhri (a popular variety of mango) has the highest demand in Pakistan as well as abroad.” 16. Various of farmers working at red chilli farm 17. Various of farmers picking red chilli 18. Various of sunflower farm destroyed by lack of water and excessive heat 19. Close of hand pump 20. Pan left of dry pond 21. Close of caked soil Karachi, Pakistan – 15 May 2022 22. SOUNDBITE (Urdu) Rafiul Haq, environmentalist: “The south of Punjab and all of Sindh have been hit by extreme water shortage. The situation is so bad that people don’t even have water to drink. Why? Our perennial river system has no water. Rivers have little water because of lack of rain. We used to talk of Karachi becoming Durban (a South African city which has faced severe water shortages). Now that nightmare seems to be turning into a reality. We can see its practical aspects now.” 23. Cutaway of hands 24. SOUNDBITE (Urdu) Rafiul Haq, environmentalist: “The situation is a threat to the livelihood of people. It’s even emerging as a life-threatening problem. If we did not address it, we would face a dilemma. We have been hearing of famine. We’ve just come out of COVID. If we now face famine, it will be devastating.” Hyderabad, Pakistan – 14 May 2022 25. Dry patch of Indus River near Hyderabad, Pakistan Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan – 14 May 2022 26. Various of men and women picking phalsa (Grewia asiatica) which has shrunk in size because of lack of water and excessive heat 27. Various of camels passing by dry watercourse looking for water 28. Various of market in Kunri, Umarkot district LEADIN: An extreme heat wave which hit India and Pakistan in late April has had far-reaching consequences for not only those in sweltering cities, but also more rural areas. Tharparkar lies in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province and farms in the region have been severely effected by lack of water – environmentalists warn it could lead to famine. STORYLINE:

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