Deep, frigid Antarctic waters move north

May 24, 2022

Cold, high-density Antarctic Bottom Water sinks and spreads northward to fill the deepest parts of the Southern, Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans. These waters have an important and near-global impact on deep-ocean circulation. However, their paths north are only partially understood. In a new study researchers investigate the transport pathways of Antarctic Bottom Water from its four principal source areas northward, as it navigates obstacles like mid-ocean ridges, using a numerical simulation of Earth’s oceans. Identifying these pathways helps to predict where changes may be seen in coming decades.

Source: How Does Antarctic Bottom Water Cross the Southern Ocean? A. Solodoch, A. L. Stewart, A. McC. Hogg, A. K. Morrison, A. E. Kiss, A. F. Thompson, S. G. Purkey, L. Cimoli [2022] Geophysical Research Letters


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