Bold Actions Opening Plenary – Food Systems Outlook 2022

Mar 15, 2022

Food systems account for up to one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions and are failing 768 million people living in hunger. In the face of volatile global shocks from conflicts such as the war in Ukraine, the COVID-19 pandemic, and extreme weather events, it has become more urgent than ever to transition food systems to a net-zero, nature-positive infrastructure that nourishes and feeds everyone.

The compounded effects from these global shocks are deepening chronic complex challenges, from hunger and nutrition to climate and nature, and societal inequity.

In this Opening Plenary for the ‘Bold Actions for Food’ event, leaders will explore the interrelated risks threatening regional and country food systems, which are already under pressure to navigate complex transitions. The interactive panel will explore the pathways that address these challenges and discuss how to raise ambitions for joint leadership actions that leverage global milestones in 2022, including COP27.

Key topics to be addressed:

• Global outlook for 2022; Rising food insecurity and market volatility

• Enabling countries to take on integrated transitions across food, nature and health

• Unlocking policy, innovation and finance levers to scale solutions

What global priorities and corporate action can accelerate and scale the delivery of sustainable, circular global value chains?

This session is co-convened by the World Economic Forum, the Swedish Ministry for Environment and the United Nations Environment Programme to drive an important sustainable value chain conversation on the road to Stockholm+50 and beyond. Stockholm+50 will bring the global environment community together from 2-3 June to accelerate actions for a better future on a healthy planet.Food-matters,

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