Why has Iraq turned orange? | The Hindu

May 20, 2022

Many cities in #Iraq including the capital Baghdad were covered in a thick sheet of orange as the country was it by a massive #dust #storm on May 16. This has been the eighth dust storm since mid-April.

Over 4000 people were hospitalised due to respiratory problems. Another dust storm earlier this month led to the death of one person. The Baghdad airport was shut and flights grounded due to poor visibility. Schools and offices were closed.

Why are dust storms frequent in Iraq?

Dust storms mostly hit Iraq in the summer. But experts say the storms are expected to become more frequent due to drought, desertification and declining rainfall. An environment ministry official warned that Iraq could face “272 days of dust” a year over the next two decades.

Voiceover: Ananyaa Desikan Production: Gayatri Menon

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