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George W. Bush Mixes Up Ukraine With Iraq In Big Freudian Slip

May 18, 2022

In a speech at his presidential center in Texas, former President George W. Bush accidentally switched “Ukraine” with “Iraq” in a line meant to criticize Vladimir Putin’s “wholly unjustified and brutal invasion.”

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‘Unjustified, brutal’: Bush on 2003 Iraq invasion. Oops Ukraine. ‘Confession’, say netizens

May 19 2022

Former US President George W. Bush has become laughing stock on Twitter after his slip of tongue on Russia-Ukraine conflict. While addressing an event in Dallas, the former U.S. president made an embarrassing gaffe by saying ‘invasion of Iraq’ instead of Ukraine. He, however, corrected himself and blamed his age for the slip of tongue. Meanwhile, netizens have termed it a ‘confession’ that came after 20 years of the Iraq war. Remember, it was George W Bush’s administration in 2003, when U.S.-led forces invaded Iraq over weapons of mass destruction which were never found. Watch this video to know more.

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Can desalination solve the global water crisis?

May 14, 2021

We have the desalination technology to transform seawater into freshwater. So why are we not using it to solve the global water crisis?

We’re destroying our environment at an alarming rate. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Our new channel Planet A explores the shift towards an eco-friendly world — and challenges our ideas about what dealing with climate change means. We look at the big and the small: What we can do and how the system needs to change. Every Friday we’ll take a truly global look at how to get us out of this mess.

Is the population of birds declining? | The Hindu – YouTube

May 19, 2022

A new study has found that there has been a staggering decline in the population of birds around the world. The ‘State of the World’s Birds’ is an annual review of environmental resources. It has revealed that nearly 48% of the surviving species of birds is declining.

There are 10,994 species of birds currently in the world. The study found that 5,245 or about 48% of these are known or suspected to be undergoing population declines. The study also shows that 1,481 or 13.5% species are currently threatened with global extinction.

Why has Iraq turned orange? | The Hindu

May 20, 2022

Many cities in #Iraq including the capital Baghdad were covered in a thick sheet of orange as the country was it by a massive #dust #storm on May 16. This has been the eighth dust storm since mid-April.

Over 4000 people were hospitalised due to respiratory problems. Another dust storm earlier this month led to the death of one person. The Baghdad airport was shut and flights grounded due to poor visibility. Schools and offices were closed.

Why are dust storms frequent in Iraq?

Dust storms mostly hit Iraq in the summer. But experts say the storms are expected to become more frequent due to drought, desertification and declining rainfall. An environment ministry official warned that Iraq could face “272 days of dust” a year over the next two decades.

Voiceover: Ananyaa Desikan Production: Gayatri Menon

White-only South African town nostalgic for apartheid | Focus • FRANCE 24 English

Oct 11 2018

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Some 27 years after the abolition of apartheid, there are still communities of white South Africans who refuse to mix with their black fellow citizens. It’s the case in the town of Orania, where the only language spoken is Afrikaans, the tongue of the first Dutch settlers. In Orania’s schools, students are taught an alternative version of history. Our colleagues from France 2 report, with FRANCE 24’s James Vasina. A programme preapred by Patrick Lovett and Gaëlle Essoo. http://www.france24.com/en/reportages

Apollo 13: ‘Houston, We’ve Had a Problem’

Apr 13, 2022

“Houston, we’ve had a problem” is the now famous phrase radioed from Apollo 13 to Mission Control upon the catastrophic explosion that dramatically changed the mission. On the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 13 mission, we recognize the triumph of the mission control team and the astronauts, and look at the lessons learned. The Apollo 13 mission has become known as “a successful failure” that saw the safe return of its crew Commander James (Jim) Lovell Jr., Command Module Pilot John Swigert Jr. and Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise Jr.

Thanks to Stephen Slater and Ben Feist/Apollo in Real Time (apolloinrealtime.org/13) for providing additional footage and audio. Thanks for Andy Saunders for providing additional enhanced images.

Video Credit: Producer/Editor: Amy Leniart

What you could be eating by 2050 – BBC News

May 22, 2022

Scientists have drawn up a list of little-known plants that could be on the menu by 2050.

In the future, you could be breakfasting on false banana or snacking on pandanus tree fruit.

The Ukraine war has highlighted the dangers of relying on a few globally-traded crops.

With 90% of calories coming from just 15 crops, experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London are hunting for ingredients to future-proof our diets. Food-matters,

Davos 2022: What to expect from the World Economic Forum’s most consequential meeting in 50 years

May 22, 2022

World leaders are descending on the Swiss mountain resort for the WEF’s belated annual meeting. Here’s what the 2022 event is likely to have in store.

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Will the Labor government put climate change at the forefront? | Inside Story

May 22, 2022

Australia has seen unprecedented bushfires and flooding in recent years. The extreme weather has brought climate change to the top of the voters’ agenda. Greens and climate-focused independents made big gains in Saturday’s election, at the expense of conservatives. Australia is a major exporter of fossil fuels and the outgoing government often objected to plans to reduce greenhouse emissions. Neighbouring Pacific Islands say Australia is blocking action, even as their territories are under threat of sinking. Uneasy ties with the island nations are spilling into security, as concerns mount in Australia about China’s recent deal with the Solomon Islands.