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How is Denmark Doing ON Climate Pledges? Jason Box Addendum

Nick Breeze ClimateGenn

Premiered Nov 17, 2021
After filming the Greenland interview on the Denamrk pavilion in the Blue Zone at COP26, we recorded this short segment on Jason’s view on how Denmark, his adopted country, is doing on their climate pledges.
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Sir David King on Heatwaves, Action, & Activism: “No one will escape..”

Nick Breeze ClimateGenn

Premiered 50 minutes ago

The current heatwave in India and Pakistan sets the scene for this ClimateGenn episode, speaking with Climate Crisis Advisory Group Chair, Professor Sir David King about their new report on what we must do to have the best chance of averting climate and ecological collapse.

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Sir David makes it very clear that nobody will escape these impacts as the climate emergency worsens and what we are seeing in India continues to spread around the world.

Sir David emphasises the need for solidarity and pulling together to meet the challenges at the global level. He also highlights that wealthier countries must pay-up on adaptation costs for vulnerable and poorer nations.

As someone with first hand experience of the climate negotiations, Sir David points the finger at the United States for its lack of global leadership on appropriate climate action at the political level.

Activism around the world is stepping up as people realise the failures of governments to take appropriate action. Even the UN Secretary General is calling out the failures of world leaders, declaring that activists are rational actors compared to those entrusted with power.

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Beef exports driving destruction of Amazon rainforest

May 21, 2022

The destruction of the Amazon rainforest puts Brazil in the unenviable spotlight when it comes to environmental issues. But much of the devastation is related to worldwide consumer demands. The growth in beef exports, for example, is often linked to continued deforestation in the Amazon. CGTN’s Paulo Cabral reports.

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Bradley Cardinale on challenges posed to Earth’s biodiversity

May 21 2022

CGTN’s Phillip Yin talks to Bradley Cardinale, Professor and Head of Ecosystem Science and Management, Penn State University about threats to Earth’s biodiversity