Create a Fairer Regenerative Food System – Together We Can Summit – 2022

May 20 2022

One in ten people in the UK received a foodbank parcel in the last twelve months alone. There are reports of people declining potatoes at food banks because they can’t afford the energy to heat them. At the same time, our farming system has taken us to a place where we’ve lost 70% of our biodiversity since 1970 and we have 40 years worth of soil left. Is it really so hard to imagine a food system that actually feeds everyone, while at the same time actively regenerating the world? By the end of this session it won’t be.

In this session, recorded at Transition Together’s Together We Can Summit, hear from practical projects and deep thinkings about how to create new and better food systems.

Andrew Whitley’s Scotland the Bread is using our daily bread to change people’s understanding and relationship with the wider food system. They are rediscovering better grains, growing it in Scotland new ways of milling, supporting local community bakeries and getting more people baking better quality loaves.

Christian Jonet told us about the Liege Food Belt: 20 food coops, 300 producers grew out of the goal of providing half the city’s food within a generation. Now they’re working to get organic, seasonal meals in school canteens and 10,000 people join in the Feeding Liege festival. With strong council support and land provided for 20 years, there’s lots to inspire other cities. (in French)

Community researcher and facilitator Mama D Ujuaje and Dr Daniel Christian Wahl brought these place-based examples into wider thinking about the food system, and how this connects with water, energy, justice and our relationship with the earth.

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