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Portugal’s Battle against Covid-19

Dec 8 2021

Portugal: The Battle against Covid-19 – Portugal registered numbers of deaths and infections much lower than those of its neighboring countries Spain, France and Italy. This documentary takes a look back at Portugal’s response to the pandemic, and talks to Intensive Care Unit doctors, firefighters, business-owners and photojournalists, demonstrating the complexity of this struggle. We can also witness the emotions that the elderly in confined Homes felt when they were able to see their family members for the first time in months, in very different conditions than usual. A unique documentary made in Portugal, during the time of the State of Emergency.

The Years Project: The Everglades

2019 Sep 24

Actor Bradley Whitford goes to the Everglades with Dr. Michael Savarese on the coast of Florida to see how climate change is already affecting the area.

Do Online Forums Act as “Radicalization Machines” for White Supremacists & Mainstream GOP?

May 17 2022

Before embarking on a murderous rampage in a majority-Black neighborhood, the Buffalo shooter posted a white supremacist manifesto online that fixated on white dominance, white fertility and the survival of the white race. These are all sentiments shared by the Republican Party and its media arms, says author and extremism researcher Talia Lavin, who spent nearly a year impersonating right-wing white supremacists online, assuming false identities to infiltrate their groups, as she worked on her book, “Culture Warlords: My Journey into the Dark Web of White Supremacy.” She adds that online chat platforms such as 4chan and Telegram are essentially “perpetual motion radicalization machines” where “people who are already radicalized or in the process of being radicalized can imbibe propaganda.” Her recent article for Rolling Stone is headlined “The Buffalo Shooter Isn’t a ‘Lone Wolf.’ He’s a Mainstream Republican.”

David Dayen on the Baby Formula Shortage & Monopolies in the Age of Corporate Power

May 17 2022

House lawmakers have raised alarm over a nationwide baby formula shortage after a manufacturer in Michigan shut down over health concerns and was linked to the deaths of two infants. Advocates are calling for greater accountability and investigation into the manufacturer, Abbott Laboratories, even as the Food and Drug Administration is in talks to allow the plant to reopen. We look at how Abbott’s grip on the market for baby formula, amounting to about 20% of all formula distributed in the U.S., contributed to the crisis. An overhaul to the system where the government subsidizes only a few formula brands can help combat the monopolization that has caused this crisis, says David Dayen, executive editor of The American Prospect.