May 5 2022

We used to consider #Antarctica as a stable place, but recent heat waves, with temperatures up to 70 degrees centigrade above normal, combined with atmospheric rivers, which increase both warmth and moisture, are threatening the stability of the continent, and challenging climate models. Because of these phenomena, global sea level rise will likely be far higher than any of the models have so far predicted.

#PaulBeckwith explains to host Dale Walkonen that, as ice shelves, like Larsen A, B, and now C melt and fall into the ocean, they cease to hold back the ice sheets that lie on top of the land mass. If these sheets collapse as well, many coastal cities, unable to hold back the ocean, will be inundated with sea water. This loss of life and land can only be mitigated if #ClimateChange is seriously addressed within this decade.

For more information on the state of our planet visit FacingFuture.Earth/library

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