Benin and Liverpool exhibition to confront colonial history – BBC News

Ornate carvings and sculptures were looted by the British as the African city fell

A museum is to exhibit artworks which were stolen during the sacking of Benin City to “proactively confront questions about Britain’s colonial history”.

The African city was destroyed by the British in 1897, with troops looting carvings and sculptures as it fell.

Liverpool’s World Museum said it would be exhibiting 21 works “directly or indirectly” linked to the sacking.

Executive director Janet Dugdale said putting the display together had been “challenging, creative and rewarding”.

Benin City, the seat of the Benin Empire, stood in what is now Nigeria and was sacked by the British during a punitive expedition in 1897, with thousands of religious and cultural artefacts being sent back to Britain.

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