No More Room for Growth – Herman Daly at the World Bank

Facing Future

#HermanDaly should be known by everyone, but instead J.P. Morgan is the famous one. Morgan forced the system of NeoClassical Economics on us all in the last century (long story how). Herman Daly, a Senior Vice President at the World Bank for 6 years, came up with

which is a whole different way of looking at the human economy. Problem is, Morgan’s system was tailored to benefit the banks and already rich aristocracy.

Daly’s is implicitly fair to both, people and Nature. So I am on a one-man crusade, with a wonderful FacingFuture.Earth team supporting my work, to get Ecological Economics widely understood, and see that Ecological Economics is what we end up if this pandemic ever ends, or when our current economy collapses under the weight of its own internal contradictions… the main contradiction of which is that the current system (which we unquestioningly accept as the only one possible after it being ‘the only game in town’ for 100 years or so) denies that there are any planetary

#LimitsToGrowth, limits to how big the human economy can grow, limits to the amounts of resources we can extract from the planet, and limits to the Earth’s ability to assimilate our waste. NeoClassical economics, which has conveniently become known simply as ‘economics’, refuses to recognize its flaws. Ecological Economics corrects these flaws. Watch, share, subscribe, and ‘ring the bell’ for notifications. For more information on the state of our planet visit the

FacingFuture Library at

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