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State of California Sea Level Rise Guidance 2018 – DocumentCloud


State of California – Sea-Level Rise Guidance (2018 Update)



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‘Unlike Any Disaster We Have Ever Seen,’ Says State Agency About Rising Seas in Bay Area

2020 Feb 20

An investigation by NBC Bay Area has found more than two dozen major construction projects worth billions of dollars – either recently completed or still in development – located in areas along San Francisco Bay that scientific computer models show will be flooded or surrounded by water by 2050 or earlier. Sr. Investigative Reporter Stephen Stock has the story.

Explore the full online report here: http://nbcbay.com/VJPWYXG

This Decisive Decade Luiz Marques

Apr 7 2022

This is Part 2 of Facing Future TV’s discussion with Dr. Luiz Marques about his upcoming book, ‘The Decisive Decade’.

Dr. Marques is a Professor of Environmental History at the State University of Campinas in São Paolo, Brazil. Here we discuss how war, overconsumption, pollution and ecological destruction are accelerating the #climate crisis while harming our health and the planet. This is fueled by global #capitalism and the grip of corporate control which rages unchecked. We must evolve to defeat the climate crisis – and this includes true accountability for corporate agents of ruin.

Dr. Luiz Marques, a leading proponent of #EcologicalEconomics (http://isecoeco.org) shows why an economy based on continuous exponential growth, is unsustainable.

For more information on the state of our planet visit the FacingFuture Library at https://facingfuture.earth/library.

Car escaping flooded Seaport District in Boston during high tide

David C – Mar 3, 2018

An overhead look at the flooding of Seaport Blvd. in Boston’s Seaport District. This was taken during high tide on Friday, March 2, 2018. A car leaving Fish Pier drives through the water, water comes up to the windshield.

Boston’s Rising Sea Levels Could Become ‘A Chronic Problem

CBS Boston – Apr 26, 2021

Over the last two decades, sea level rise has become more than a concern for Boston. Now, it’s an imminent threat. WBZ-TV’s Zack Green reports.

Seaport Boston I The luxury buildings, the ocean views, the modern lifestyle of Seaport

Boston Area Homes by Noune K– Premiered Oct 3, 2021

Seaport is the most modern Boston neighborhood. Back when it was just known as the South Boston’s Waterfront, the area now called Seaport is one of the hippest, nicest and priciest neighborhoods in Boston. New residential developments like Echelon, Pier4 and the newest, St. Regis (planned to open in 2022) towers offer the ultimate in luxury and amenities. Many of the best restaurants are in Seaport and many more are coming. Harborwalk is a place to relax or run after work, many exercise options are here too. Basically, it’s a great place to call home! Download the Relocation Guide https://marelocationguide.gr8.com/
Buyer’s guide https://nounek.com/buyers
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Boston Massachusetts History and Cartography (1873)

Bravura Media Company– Jun 28, 2015

Boston Massachusetts history is explored and examined from this vintage map that was originally produced in 1873. In the video we zoom in and look at various historical and geographical characteristics that make this map so great! Please feel free to leave a comment below! Downloadable Boston Massachusetts Map Image: http://s1040.photobucket.com/user/bra… Fully Customizable Boston Map Poster Print (online store): http://www.zazzle.com/vintage_pictori…

How It Started, How It’s Going: the Boston Harbor Cleanup to a Climate Ready Harbor

Bostonharborislands– Feb 16, 2021

How did Boston Harbor go from one of the dirtiest to one of the cleanest? What changed as a result? How are planners preparing for the next chapter in Boston Harbor’s waterfront and parks? Alice Brown, Boston Harbor Now’s Chief of Policy and Planning, walks through the history and offers tips for real life exploration and ways to get involved in planning efforts. Recorded presentation from Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park event, Winter Wonder. January 30-31, 20201.

Freedom Trail & Historic Boston – Guide to its Unique Geography and Changing Landscape

StevesBoston – Jun 12, 2013

A brief overview of Historic Boston’s Unique Geography and Changing Topography – Boston over time. Background material for a Freedom Trail visit. Get the complete Freedom Trail & Historic Boston Guide English & auto-translate- http://www.stevestravelguide.com/?p=1122 En Français – http://www.stevestravelguide.com/?p=2354 En Español – http://www.stevestravelguide.com/?p=2363 From StevesTravelGuide.com – Publisher of “Freedom Trail Boston – Ultimate Tour & History Guide” @stevesboston StevesTravelGuide.com @StevesBoston http://amzn.to/15DGA4Q. Includes all 16 official Stops and over 50 unofficial Stops and essentials including Historic Restaurants, Maps, and Colonial Boston sites.

Boston Harbor Now

Boston Harbor Now– Apr 4, 2018

Boston Harbor and the waterfront and Islands have come a long way. There is still further to go for the social, environmental and economic health of the Harbor and the region. Boston Harbor Now plans, advocates, and activates the the future of Boston Harbor for us all.