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Gus Speth – “Warming Warning” (1981)

Jim Speth – Apr 1, 2022

From a 1981 Gus Speth interview for a British documentary on climate change, “Warming Warning.”

This interview took place seven years before public testimony by Dr. James Hansen, on 23 June 1988.


Scientists Increase Urgency of Climate Catastrophe Message – Join with Extinction Rebellion in Spanish Protest

Spanish climate scientists joined Extinction Rebellion in protests against the Spanish Parliament for its inaction on climate change.

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LIVE: Day 2 of the April Rebellion: We will not be bystanders

Extinction Rebellion UK– Started streaming 16 minutes ago

Thousands of people are gathering in London today for the second day in our latest wave of non-violent civil disobedience against the UK Government for its breathtaking inaction on climate change. The Rebellion will run from Saturday 9th-Sunday 17th April: expect peaceful disruption, noise, colour, love and rage. We don’t want to be here. Our present is grave: war in Europe, a cost of living crisis and the remnants of a cruel pandemic. But our future under climate will be even worse. The latest IPCC report estimates that we’ll reach the crucial 1.5C so-called ‘safe limit’ of heating within a decade, and the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, has stated that any further ‘delay means death’. The world is at a tipping point: we can transition away from fossil fuels, towards a just society, or dig in our heels, prioritise profit and drive a race to extinction. Our Government knows this – yet it’s spent £14 billion financing fuel fuels since the 2015 Paris Agreement. In ignoring the advice of the International Energy Agency, that all new fossil fuel projects should have been halted by 2021 – last year – it is failing current and future generations. From trades unions, to professional bodies, to grass-roots communities, people throughout society are waking up to the human suffering and environmental injustice caused by our addiction to fossil fuels. We say, ‘not in our names’: will not be bystanders. Our civil disobedience is rooted in love and care for all: join us! Don’t just look up, step up – and then sit down and claim your place in history.

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