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Gus Speth – “Warming Warning” (1981)

Jim Speth – Apr 1, 2022

From a 1981 Gus Speth interview for a British documentary on climate change, “Warming Warning.”

This interview took place seven years before public testimony by Dr. James Hansen, on 23 June 1988.


For a further consideration of the trail-blazing work of Gus Speth since his undergraduate years at Yale through the present day see particularly:

Scientists Increase Urgency of Climate Catastrophe Message – Join with Extinction Rebellion in Spanish Protest

Spanish climate scientists joined Extinction Rebellion in protests against the Spanish Parliament for its inaction on climate change.

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LIVE: Day 2 of the April Rebellion: We will not be bystanders

Extinction Rebellion UK– Started streaming 16 minutes ago

Thousands of people are gathering in London today for the second day in our latest wave of non-violent civil disobedience against the UK Government for its breathtaking inaction on climate change. The Rebellion will run from Saturday 9th-Sunday 17th April: expect peaceful disruption, noise, colour, love and rage. We don’t want to be here. Our present is grave: war in Europe, a cost of living crisis and the remnants of a cruel pandemic. But our future under climate will be even worse. The latest IPCC report estimates that we’ll reach the crucial 1.5C so-called ‘safe limit’ of heating within a decade, and the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, has stated that any further ‘delay means death’. The world is at a tipping point: we can transition away from fossil fuels, towards a just society, or dig in our heels, prioritise profit and drive a race to extinction. Our Government knows this – yet it’s spent £14 billion financing fuel fuels since the 2015 Paris Agreement. In ignoring the advice of the International Energy Agency, that all new fossil fuel projects should have been halted by 2021 – last year – it is failing current and future generations. From trades unions, to professional bodies, to grass-roots communities, people throughout society are waking up to the human suffering and environmental injustice caused by our addiction to fossil fuels. We say, ‘not in our names’: will not be bystanders. Our civil disobedience is rooted in love and care for all: join us! Don’t just look up, step up – and then sit down and claim your place in history.

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