Billionaire Hydroponics, Expanding World Hunger & The Tragic Future Trajectory of the Global Food System


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Billionaires are investing in hi-tech water management systems and petro-intensive agriculture while billions of people witness the relentless destruction of their topsoil and often face starvation.  Wealthy individuals like Jeff Bazos and Bill Gates are focusing investments in fanciful agricultural schemes which they expect will have a beneficial impact on supplying food for the world.  When examined in detail, however, the technologies they are promoting increase the petro-dependent nature of agriculture and fail to address the underlying problems of water scarcity in agriculture the mounting crises of soil degradation and soil loss on a global scale.  

As with the much publicized “success” stories of the previous “Green Revolution,” these newly developed petro-intensive agricultural techniques may well produce short-run profits for who have the capital to invest in them.    Nevertheless, these technologies as a whole fail to move humanity toward a widely diffused, solar-sustainable system of regenerative agriculture that can produce a continuous supply of healthy and nutritious food for human communities while conserving water and restoring fertility through the on-going sequestration of carbon in the soil itself. 

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