Post COP26: successes, lessons learnt & what… | Oxford Martin School

On the 13th November 2021 Cop26 reached a consensus on key actions to address climate change. The decisions consist of a range of agreed items, including strengthened efforts to build resilience to climate change, to curb greenhouse gas emissions and to provide the necessary finance for both.

In this short series we will look at what this means, after the dust settles, for sustainable finance, tropical forests, modelling the climate and with a panel looking towards future meetings.

In this series:

27 January 2022
Panel Discussion: “Towards COP27: moving forwards after COP26”

03 February 2022
“What would a sustainable economy look like?” with Prof Sir Dieter Helm

03 March 2022
Tim Palmer and Charles Godfray in conversation: “Modelling climate change: predicting the future”

10 March 2022
“Tropical forests to 2050: science challenges for researchers and policy-makers” with Prof Oliver Phillips

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