Walter Jehne — Understanding the Water Cycle: And the potential for rapid global cooling

Bionutrient Food Association– Jun 14, 2021

We understand that the health and regeneration of soil ecosystems, and by extension the plant and animal communities with which they are interdependent, are critical to the sequestration of carbon and foundational to any successful efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change. But there is a vital part of the story of soil regeneration and global climate mitigation that hasn’t been as well covered as the carbon cycle – and that is the global water cycle.

Walter will explore how soil biology controls the water cycle, and how the water cycle regulates the planet’s heating and cooling processes. He will provide a deep look at the intersection of soil regeneration practices and the restoration of hydrological processes. Participants will gain insight and inspiration toward practices they can apply to their own farms and gardens, as well as a larger context of theory that integrates our knowledge of the water cycle and its role in regulating global temperature with current efforts toward conservation and regeneration of living soils.

From the 2021 Soil & Nutrition Conference – ​ Hosted by the Bionutrient Food Association –

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