Sir David King | Arctic Report | Climate Crisis Advisory Group

Nick Breeze ClimateGenn – Premiered Jul 30, 2021

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In this episode of Shaping The Future, I am speaking with former UK Government Chief Science Advisor, Sir David King. Sir David has recently set up the Climate Crisis Advisory Group (CCAG) to respond with agility to the real-time climate crisis.

The first report is linked in the notes and focuses on the Arctic as a key regulator of global climate stability and more recently, chaotic disruption.

Key points:

Jet Stream Omega Event Johanne Rockstrum: Arctic tipping point has passed.
Are accelerating impacts at risk of outpacing action?
Scientists have mismanaged the modelling of climate change events.
Greenland ice sheet is sitting in warm air and losing ice rapidly.
We are not prepared for what we are currently seeing!
We need a UN Security Council For Climate Change.
Our future as a civilisation depends on a rapid response to the situation.
UK Policy on China: Timing-wise it could not be worse! The EU, China and US are all talking together.
Greenhouse Gas Removal: Build up oceans to what they used to be and we could absorb 30-40 billion tonnes per annum.
Refreezing the Arctic: If we don’t manage this we are cooked!
The CCAG Report is for Governments, Businesses and Financial operations.
The time for action is now!

Sir David discusses the mantra they are trying to get into the mainstream consciousness of climate action: Reduce, Remove and Repair. The message is clear that climate is now the main issue threatening our civilisation across the globe.

We are now crossing tipping points and the time rapid scaled up action is now.

Sir David also suggests the creation of a UN Security Council for Climate Change to deal specifically with the international efforts of nations and regions to tackle arising issues. This connects to my interview next week with NATO and US Government Security Advisor on Climate Change, Chad Briggs.

Next week I will also be talking to Dr Shaun Fitzgerald OBE, Director of the Centre for Climate Repair in Cambridge about how we need to flip our building infrastructure from a massive carbon source to carbon sink. This includes existing buildings and the colossal amount that needs to be built with resilience around the world to weather the tide of climate adversity.

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