Christianborg Archaeological Heritage Project (CAHP)

Welcome to the Christianborg Archaeological Heritage Project (CAHP), a study of Christiansborg Castle (today, known as Osu Castle), one of Ghana’s most important heritage sites. Over the years, Christiansborg Castle has servved several important functions: a trading enrepot during the trans-Atlantic slave trade, the seat of colonial government administration, and laterly, the Office of the President of the Republic of Ghana.

Today, ‘The Castle’, as it is locally known, is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project is a community-based project. Since 2014 a team of Ghanaian researchers, including Osu community members, professors and students, has worked together to learn more about the history of the castle, particularly the people who lived and worked there.

Discover more about the Christianborg Archaeological Heritage Project by visiting The Site, The Project, Research and News where we will have regular updates on our progress and share our stories.

Read about the community and also the educational contributions we are making by visiting Community Engagement.

You can also learn more about the people and organizations who have helped us by visiting Supporters.

Lastly, pleas Contact Us should you wish to learn more, participate or support our project

Thank you,
Prof. Rachel Arna Asaa Engmann

For news see particularly:

News – Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project (CAHP)

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