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U.K.’s Boris Johnson faces calls for resignation after attending lockdown party

Jan 12 2022

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing calls for his resignation after apologizing for attending a bring-your-own-booze garden party at 10 Downing Street in May 2020, when Britain was in full lockdown.

Kenyan conservationist, Richard Leakey, dies aged 77 • FRANCE 24 English

Jan 12 2022

Kenya’s president pays tribute to the late conservationist Richard Leakey who has died aged 77. Also we sample the panafrican offerings of award winning experimental chef Dieuvay Malonga at his Kigali restaurant. And the great green wall struggles to flourish but dozens of gardens have already sprung up in the senegalese desert.

Global Capitalism: Political Economy of Covid: Year #3 January 2022

Democracy At WorkPremiered 2 hours ago
Political Economy of Covid: Year #3 [January 2022]

In this lecture, Prof. Wolff will discuss the following: 1. US Capitalism’s Public Health Disaster: Where Blame Belongs 2. Trying to Shift Blame to Mandates: Desperate Libertarianism 3. Covid, Inflation,“Broken Supply Chains” = Systemic Crisis

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Does Arctic Drilling Violate Human Rights? (w/ Frode Pleym)

Jan 12 2022

There is lots of gas and oil in the ground across the world. But drilluing for oil disturbs more than you might think. Could drilling for oil cause so many second hand effects that the act is itself a violation of human rights?

Frode Pleym joined Thom to discuss whether Arctic drilling violate human rights.

Frode Pleym is an Activist and the Senior Adviser & Leader of Greenpeace Norway.

School Superintendent: Kids Think It’s Crazy to Argue about Clean Energy

Jan 12 2022

Bill Chilman is Superintendent of Schools in Beal City, MI

GLOBALink | Environmental crisis tops global risks in 2022. How to respond?

Jan 12 2022

The recent Global Risks Report 2022 by the World Economic Forum (WEF) warns that 5 of the top 10 global risks are environment-related. Here are the key takeaways from WEF’s managing director.