Will Trump Run Again? – Dr. Mary L. Trump – Conversations w/ Great Minds Part One

Thom Hartmann Program

Nov 24, 2021

Is Donald Trump scamming money from old people ahead of running, (or not running), for president in 2024? Why is this so unaccountable? Will he run in 2024 purely to protect himself from legal action biting at his heals.

The more important question, is whys should Trump be allowed to run? From inside the family, Mary L. Trump joined Thom to share her thoughts.

Is World’s Most Dangerous Man Donald Trump? Dr. Mary L. Trump believes that her Uncle Donald Trump is just that.

Dr. Mary L. Trump joined Thom Hartmann to discuss her uncle, Donald Trump, and he new book The Reckoning.

Dr. Mary L. Trump, Ph.D from the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies at Adelphi University, and has taught graduate courses in trauma, psychopathology, and developmental psychology / Recently launched, Substack Newsletter, The Good In Us / Author of the new book, The Reckoning: Our Nation’s Trauma and Finding A Way to Heal / Previous book: Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man

WATCH NEXT: Will Republicans Back Trump 2024 Coup Plan – https://youtu.be/ZeH1XThgslU

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