Hello family! Welcome to our 4th and last episode of the Congolese Pre-Colonial Kingdoms series! Sit back as I tell you the story of the great Lunda Empire. The Lunda Empire began as a chiefdom in the southern part of the DRC. It early history accounts the story of a Chief who handed his office to his daughter called Rweej, who then married Tshibinda Ilunga from the Luba Kingdom. The empire took its form during the 18th Century and expended through trading relationships with neighbouring states. The Empire was invaded by the Chokwe/Tshokwe people in the 19th Century but Lunda Chiefs and people still lived in the Lunda heartland, although their power was diminished. I would like to encourage you to research more about the Kingdom as this video is not enough to describe it. As you all know, I loveee sharing Congo with you and this video is a step forward in familiarising you guys with the country. It is important that we know our history!! I hope you enjoy and I hope this video inspires you to do your part in changing the image of Africa. As always, your thoughts are welcomed, so feel free to put them down in the comments!

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