COP26 Glasgow: Ice Scientists Dancing in Front of Tobleromes is the True Cause of Arctic Warming

Paul BeckwithNov 12, 2021
Today is the official last day of COP26.

I presented earlier on Eco-Migration for the Climate Emergency Forum.

As I wander the exhibit halls I discovered the true cause of Arctic warming amplification. Not albedo loss from declining snow cover or sea ice loss. Not warming atmosphere or warming oceans.

It is anthropogenic, and due to ice scientists dancing and causing tremendous warming, as they celebrate what exactly?

You can tell they are scientists, since the dance moves are somewhat jerky and stilted, and indicate too much time on the ice or in the lab.

Perhaps they are just glad to see the end of COP26. Perhaps it goes deeper, to the bottom of the ice cores in Greenland and Antarctica.

Perhaps they don’t realize yet that they will all need new professions soon as the ice all vanishes.

PS: the displays in the Cryosphere booth are known as “toblerones” since they look just like giant versions of those chocolate bars:)

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