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3 Limits to Growth After 45 Years – Dennis Meadows at Ulm University

FAWn UlmJun 7, 2019
Keynote by Prof. Dr. Dennis Meadows Please find the slides of the presentation here: Die Folien der Präsentation finden Sie hier: https://www.fawn-ulm.de/wp-content/up…

Final Warning Limits to Growth

biopilzNov 26, 2015
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In 1972, the study ‘Limits to Growth’ warned against the impact of capitalism. -click for more-

Did anyone act on it? It shows that Capitalism lies at the root of problems such as overpopulation and environmental pollution, yet few seem to be aware of the connection.

After its publication in 1972, the Club of Rome’s study, “Limits to Growth,” came to epitomize a historical turning point. The book calls into question the fundamental principle of the American economic ideology of capitalism, with its insatiable pursuit of growth. However, the work did not just pillory contemporary practices. It also warned of the extremely diverse and massive consequences for all of humanity. Although there is scarcely any doubt as to the validity of the study and its 1992 successor, “Beyond the Limits,” governments worldwide have done very little to solve the major problems. Topics such as overpopulation, environmental pollution, depletion of resources, and consumption are now familiar to everyone, but few people are aware of the impact they can have in the context of exponential growth on Earth, and therefore on all of humanity. This documentary sheds light on the effect the work has had on public perceptions in the past four decades.

Date 25.11.2015 Duration 42:30 mins.