Why we all live in a Climate Casino?

Paul Beckwith – Oct 26, 2021

People around the world are living through absolute weather craziness, which is disrupting lives, work and workplaces, and homes; even entire towns, large cities, and entire regions.

Why is this happening?

The cause is abrupt climate system change, which has caused climate casino chaos.

Many cities and regions around the planet are lucking out in this climate casino. Long duration torrential rains inevitably cause flooding, or long duration heat waves are causing droughts and misery. Turbo-charged storms are wreaking havoc, especially on and near coastlines.

I call it weather weirding, weather wilding, and also weather whiplashing where we go from flood to drought back to flood, each swing setting a new record.

Extreme weather is increasing in frequency, severity, and duration around the planet. Extreme events are also occurring in regions they did not previously occur. I fully expect that this will severely restrain global food supplies within a decade, leading to surging prices and global famine.

The human root cause is fossil fuel subsidies, which pay for the bullets that are hitting us in the foot, and every other part of ourselves and society.

The proximate physical system cause is Arctic warming that is 4 to 5 times faster than the global average (not 2 times or 3 times, that is simply not true). This causes the jet streams to slow, and get wavier, and even get stuck in “blocking” patterns that cause all our crazy weather, in our climate casino.

Buckle down. Batten the hatches. We have pissed off the climate and weather equilibrium systems, and are in for a rough and wild ride.

I’m heading to COP26 in the morning. All my videos will be from Bonny Scotland for the next three weeks.

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