Feeding a Water-Stressed World: How Business and Investors are Responding

WorldResourcesInst – Jun 19, 2020

Managing risk for our food system is inherently complex and exacerbated by climate change impacts as well as the need to feed a growing population. A key risk for businesses in the food value chain is water, which needs a robust approach to assessment and response.

This webinar series, jointly organized by Ceres, WBCSD and WRI, will bring together leading food-sector companies, investors and other stakeholders in the food and agriculture sector to explore how companies are managing water-related risks, discuss what investors can do to drive change and highlight new methods and tools available for risk management.

Introduction to Water-Related Risks in the Food Value Chain
Tuesday, June 2

How Disclosure and Targets Can Drive Better Decision-Making
Tuesday, June 9

How Standards & Collective Action Drive Context-Relevant Actions
Tuesday, June 16

Learn more: https://www.wri.org/events/2020/06/we…

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