Velshi: The Cost Of Climate Change

MSNBC – Oct 24, 2021

The climate crisis is finally starting to get the attention and coverage it needs, but some lawmakers on Capitol Hill still need to realize the severity of the situation. That is why some key climate change initiatives of President Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar social spending bill will be cut to appease certain lawmakers who say the price tag is too high. What they don’t realize is that every dollar that we put toward climate action is a smart American investment that will pay off in the long run. Fighting the climate crisis is not a place to cut corners. It may not feel like climate action is as pressing as childcare or roads and bridges, or health care, but it’s the most urgent crisis of our generation, and the next generation, and the one after that. There are a lot of issues to fix in this world, but none of it matters if we don’t have a healthy planet to live on. So as Congress puts the finishing touches on this massive bill, let’s remind them that if we don’t act now, we all pay the price.

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