Bayer/Monsanto loses again: Mexico’s Highest Court Rejects Appeal of GM Corn Ban

Mexico’s High Court affirms right to GMO-free countryside, rejecting company challenge

In another major step forward for Mexican food sovereignty, the country’s Supreme Court this week rejected appeals by Bayer/Monsanto and other multinational seed companies of an injunction restricting the cultivation of genetically modified corn. The High Court recognized the right to a clean environment and the need for precautionary measures against possible genetic contamination of Mexico’s native corn varieties.

I am thrilled with the decision. Since 2013, I have followed this case, chronicling it in my book, Eating Tomorrow, in which I recount what I called my “close encounter with the genetically modified mind:” a five-hour meeting with Monsanto executives in Mexico City. In 2014, I was incredulous that the citizen-led injunction had withstood company pressure. As I wrote:

I confess: when I arrived in Mexico in 2014, I was not confident that the country’s dynamic social movements could stop the companies. An appeal filed by Monsanto was pending before another judge. As I wrote in Eating Tomorrow, “Since it was Easter Sunday, I attended mass at San Hipólito Church in the heart of Mexico’s historic city center. Locally, the 18th century church is known less for Saint Hipólito than for San Judas Tadeo, the ‘patron saint of lost causes,’ according to the translation at the church entrance. I didn’t think the GM lawsuit was a lost cause, but it sure seemed a long shot. I lit a candle and said a prayer. I’m not Catholic, nor even very religious, but it seemed the least I could do. The next day, the judge denied Monsanto’s request, leaving the injunction in place.”

Now, that injunction has not only held through eight years and more than 100 company appeals, it has been ratified by the Supreme Court. I summarize the latest developments in the article below in Food Tank. And I offer heartfelt congratulations to the tenacious Mexican activists, in and out of government, who achieved this victory.

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