Spanning Oceans – Bridging Traditions: The Global Humanities & “The Overview Effect” on a Small Planet

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Chuck Williams, “Capitol Beach: Coping after the Polar Ice Melt”

[Displayed in exhibit: “Art Optimism: The 2021 Athanaeum Open” – Focus on Climate Change and Sustainability
September 23 — October 31, 2021 – Online and in the gallery]

Chuck Williams
Capitol Beach: Coping after the Polar Ice Melt
Oil on canvas 24″ x 40″
The citizens of our planet are bombarded every day with dire warnings about our rapidly increasing global temperatures and the consequences of inaction. Many of us don’t believe, and others are happy to leave the issue to future generations. As a result, we probably will not take serious action until we see the consequences where we live. We are a very resilient and creative species, and will undoubtedly find solutions when we decide we’re ready, but we will have to find ways to live with the new confrontation of nature and civilization when it happens. Coastal regions of the world will change quickly with rising waters and higher temperatures, but could this be the dream of many of us? Waterfront property and tropical winters are coming to many of us where we live, and no doubt we’ll adapt happily to the new normal!
[Chuck Williams]

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