Geofísico explica la erupción volcánica en La Palma (islas Canarias, Españ a)

UBUinvestiga– Sep 24, 2021

Manuel Calvo Rather, geophysicists and university professor in Applied Physics at University of Burgos (Spain), replies to doubts and questions about the eruption in La Palma that happened from 19th of September, 2021. For more information and scientific communication, suscribe to this channel.

0:00 Introduction
0:40 Geophysicist presentation
1:10 What happened in La Palma?
1:49 What does it mean for the Canary Islands to be volcanic?
3:12 How are tectonic plates related to volcanism?
4:38 How long can this eruption last?
5:35 What are the dangers of this eruption?
6:41 Does an inusual number of volcanic eruptions exist currently?
7:44 What could be the impact of this eruption on La Palma’s geography?
8:26 What is your group research on Paleomagnetism about?
10:03 What scientific results would you like to obtain from this eruption?
10:45 Credits and more videos

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