Abrupt Climate System Disruption Recap: Extreme Weather Around the Planet

Paul Beckwith– Oct 12, 2021

Extreme weather events around the planet are increasing rapidly in frequency, severity, and duration. They are also happening in places that have not experienced them before. Abrupt climate system disruption is well underway, as we approach COP26 in Scotland.

In this video I give an overview of some of these happenings, including:
— Earth albedo decreasing by 0.5% (from about 30% to about 29.5%) over the last 2 decades
— at least 85% of the world’s population has been affected by human-induced climate change
— the USA is now averaging a billion-dollar disaster every 20 days
— nearly 25% of USA critical infrastructure is at risk of being flooded
— we have lost 70% of Earth’s biodiversity within one lifetime of our dominant species (us)
— Antarctica’s last 6 months were the coldest on record
— jet stream shifts are wreaking havoc on global weather
— wildfires in Siberia have dwarfed those around the rest of the planet, and get far less press coverage
— over 30 inches of rain inundated parts of Italy within 24 hours
— unprecedented cyclone inundated parts of Oman with 5 years of rainfall

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