Caribbean Journey: Conversations With Sidney Mintz

The Online Sociologist– Aug 15, 2020

In a series of conversations, distinguished anthropologist Sidney Mintz reflects on his research experiences in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Haiti. He argues here for the parallel histories of Caribbean societies. Pioneers in modernity, Caribbean peoples built new cultural meanings while coping with slavery, the plantation, and colonial rule. Mintz weighs historical commonalities against individual uniqueness in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Haiti, considers the Caribbean regionally, and enlarges upon his distinctive approach to anthropology in today’s world.

This conversation is presented and produced by Dale Tomich, with cinematography and editing done by Ryan Mead.

This was a joint collaboration of The Fernand Braudel Center at Binghamton University, The Sidney W. Mintz Collection at the University of Puerto Rico – Rio Piedras, and the Laboratório de Antropologia e História, Museu Nacional – UFRJ, Rio de Janerio, Brasil.

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