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Facebook whistleblower asks Congress to regulate tech giant’s influence on users

PBS NewsHour – Oct 5, 2021

Facebook is under fire Tuesday following testimony by a former employee before a U.S. Senate committee. Frances Haugen alleged the company too frequently turns a blind eye to potential harm for the sake of profit. Facebook denied that in statements to the PBS Newshour and said it is working to make its platforms safer. William Brangham has our report.

Greta Thunberg leads “Fridays for Future” march as Milan hosts pre-COP26 meeting

CNA – Oct 1, 2021

Young climate activists continue to march as environment ministers meet ahead of the UN COP26 summit later this month. Activist Greta Thunberg is leading the “Fridays for Future” march in Milan. Activists have put together plans for world leaders to consider when they meet for the UN talks in Glasgow. Their proposals include a transparent climate finance system, sustainable tourism and phasing out the fossil fuel industry by 2030.

Greta Thunberg calls out global leaders for unfulfilled climate promises

CNN -Sep 30, 2021

Climate activists, including Greta Thunberg, call out global leaders for falling short on their promises to fight global warming at a youth climate summit in Milan. CNN’s Kim Brunhuber discusses with Ernest Gibson, a member of the UN Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change.

Changing Paradigms | Regenerative Agriculture: a Solution to our Global Crisis? | Full Documentary

Tom’s Outdoors – Premiered May 10, 2021

Tom’s Outdoors is based in Tumut nestled in the Snowy Valleys, enclosed by Kosciusko National Park and rural farmland. Our home in the outdoors is our lifeblood and the lifeblood of our beloved home is agriculture. The climate crisis concerns us deeply and we are passionate about the longevity of our rural country town and its neighbours.

“Changing Paradigms” explores the power of regenerative agriculture in improving the natural environment, human health, and reliable profit in sheep farming. We, as humans, have an innate attraction to the natural world. But, the way we currently interact with the environment is unsustainable and causing a disconnect with nature. We have one generation, our generation, to take action and change the paradigm.

Charles Massy (author of “Call of the Reed Warbler”) and Norm Smith both take a sustainable, systems thinking approach to sheep farming. They have moved away from industrial practices of land clearing and using chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Now they work with nature rather than against it, in turn, reviving the once over-grazed land. The power of regenerative agriculture is even greater than improving the profitability and resilience of family farms, the implications on planetary and human health are tremendously positive.

Filmed and directed by Henry Smith

Filmed and directed by Henry Smith Learn more: How regenerative farming can help heal the planet and human health | Charles Massy | TEDxCanberra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Et8YK…
Regenerative farming: A ‘natural way’ to help counteract drought | Charlie Massy | Australian Story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58G9h…
Cows, Carbon and Climate | Joel Salatin | TEDxCharlottesville https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z75A…
Running out of Time | Documentary on Holistic Management – Allan Savory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7pI7…


Intro to Regenerative Agriculture webinar

Gawler Environment Centre

May 29, 2021

Webinar on the concept of regenerative agriculture, featuring: Dick Richardson from Grazing Naturally presenting a rundown of basic regen ag principles and talking about his work around the country helping others to adopt natural wild grazing patterns. Hillier local Graham Brookman telling us about using permaculture principles at his farm and permaculture training facility the Food Forest. And Clare Valley’s Jared Murray from Green Living Permaculture talking about his work with Penobscot Farm and the Watervale Hotel.


Pandora Papers: US harboring rogue politicians & their money

RT AmericaOct 5, 2021
New revelations from the bombshell Pandora Papers point to the nefarious bad actors, involved in a bevy of crimes from embezzlement to human rights abuse, for whom the US is happy to provide a financial safe haven for their filthy lucre. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich has the details.

Biden sends stern warning to wealthy Americans: ‘Time to pay your fair share’

The HillOct 5, 2021
Biden traveled to Michigan as negotiations with congressional Democrats inch along on passage of a bipartisan infrastructure bill and a larger package including investments in health care, education and climate-friendly industries. The president argued America had “taken our foot off the gas” on investing in infrastructure and education as he pitched his agenda to an audience of Democratic lawmakers in a critical swing state.

Why Facebook deliberately brings you down (Full show)

RT AmericaOct 5, 2021
Plus, all eyes are on the Federal Reserve as reputed foe of plutocracy Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) prepares to spearhead an investigation into Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell and other leaders of the Fed for what looks a lot like insider trading. Tobin Smith of Transformity Research joins Natasha Sweatte (in for Scottie Nell Hughes) to share his expertise. He points out that today’s economy relies on the Fed and that the kind of trading Powell engaged in is not necessarily illegal. They also discuss the growing importance of BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies and how its resistance to government oversight serves as its intersection with the libertarian music. He says high-level BitCoin trading is “like a religion” to those who participate. Plus, RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports on the production of Russian “Challenge,” which is slated to become the first feature film shot on-site in space.

Facebook whistleblower testifies at Senate hearing on kids’ safety online – 10 /5

Washington Post

Streamed live 5 hours ago
Former Facebook product manager Frances Haugen testifies on Oct. 5 at a Senate subcommittee hearing on company practices that negatively impact teens.

Widely referred to as a “Facebook whistleblower” responsible for leaking documents behind a Wall Street Journal series, Haugen revealed her identity two days before the hearing in a “60 Minutes” interview. She said the tens of thousands of pages of leaked internal company research show that Facebook has been negligent in eliminating violence, misinformation and other harmful content from its services, and that it has misled investors about these efforts.

Lawmakers on the Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on the Wall Street Journal’s reporting last week. They focused in part on company research that showed that Facebook-owned Instagram was making teen girls’ body image issues worse. “As these young women begin to consume this eating disorder content, they get more and more depressed,” Haugen said on “60 Minutes.” “And it actually makes them use the app more. And so, they end up in this feedback cycle where they hate their bodies more and more.”

The Post’s Libby Casey will anchor live coverage and be joined by reporters Rhonda Colvin, Elizabeth Dwoskin, Will Oremus, Cat Zakrzewski and columnist James Hohmann. Read more: https://wapo.st/3mkKgrK.

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