Tipping Points in our Earth System: Highly Nonlinear Cascading Feedbacks: 2 of 2

Paul Beckwith– Sep 12, 2021

Every year brings us new mayhem in our Abruptly Changing Climate System. This summer has been one for the record books, with intense widespread heat waves and droughts, torrential monsoon-like rains leading to record flooding, widespread wildfires, and large cyclones. Extreme weather events are increasing in frequency, severity, and duration around the planet, and are occurring in regions they never did before. Welcome to our Climate Casino. Climate breakdown is not linear, nor smooth, nor gradual. We are living through abrupt, highly nonlinear changes. Meanwhile, responses by governments are way too feeble and just don’t cut it; they are linear, smooth, and gradual and are nowhere near enough given the seriousness of the wrenching changes we are experiencing seemingly every day. Spock, we are losing our planet. Can you help us since Earthlings seem incapable of saving themselves…

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