“When everyone teaches, everyone learns…” ~ Exploring World Cultures Through the Digital Humanities at Yale




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This short essay began as a reflection on how teaching and learning have changed under the COVID-19 lockdown in schools and universities world-wide.   QR-Yale-Libraries-ntThe essay explores how new techniques and technologies are now being used to devise innovative approaches in the digital humanities at Yale that show promise for new kinds of in-depth research and collaborative learning in African studies in the years ahead, perhaps substantially altering the understanding of world history in the humanities. ]

You may click on the links to many of the resources available online for research and teaching in African studies.

    The James J. Ross Archive of African Images

…& extensive catalog publications like those on the Baule

   …on art in the slave trade period & publications on icons of Afro-American and global history


  • The Yale University Library System

   … with particular strengths in rare digitized manuscripts in the Beinecke library, including the W.E.B. Du Bois Collection and the James Weldon Johnson Memorial Collection

    + its digitized map collections with access links to priceless Africa historical cartography.

& the Yale Library’s virtually limitless connections to external research portals and online assets like The Hutchins Center for African & African American Research at Harvard, the Africa Map Circle, the African  Historical Graphics Archive, the Afriterra historical map collection and other African studies research centers across the country & around the world.

For further reference material relating to the teaching of Africa focused humanities at Yale over the decades see the recent tribute program to Professor Prosser Gifford:


— the first full-time member of the History Department of offer full semester courses on African history and Founding Director of the 5-Year B.A. Program at Yale over fifty years ago.


* * *

Prosser Gifford – Memorial Celebration


As well as:

Potential Resources for Research & Teaching in African
History, Art History & Anthropology at Yale

* * *

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